In todays world, access control is not an option, but an essential service. Where people, property, sites or facilities need guaranteed entrance control, ITS Telecom Access Control door phones are the best solutions. To be of real value, our intelligent and versatile systems fulfill your needs, giving a chance to keep a good balance between access control and freedom of movement.

Pantel Analogue


These one-button systems with a hotline function provide you with instant audio and/or video communication and building access control. Suitable if you want visitors to easily get in touch with a receptionist.
For indoor and outdoor use.

Pancode Analogue


The Pancode systems provide full duplex telephone communication through hands-free operation and control door opening via touch-
tone telephones

Pancode/Pantel IP


On a basis of VoIP Interface, ITS Telecom Access Control systems combine various functionalities for richer, more integrated communications in one converged IP network.