Your customers and clients expect their calls to be handled quickly or routed to the appropriate person or department.This is where ITS Telecom Voice Mail and Automated Attendant Systems can offer valuable support. They guarantee efficient call management for your business and ensure higher availability around the clock.


Automated Attendant EAR 4000 / 5000


Ideal for organizations that need an efficient automated attendant tool combined with a limited voice mail solution. Organizations can choose between the Ear 5000 with its inherent 8 mailboxes and the 2 mailboxes of the Ear 4000. Both products are expandable from 2 to 4 ports.

Automated Attendant EAR 2000


The Ear 2000 (2 ports) is a compact stand alone Automated Attendant system. Providing 9 minutes of recording time they let you play different greetings for day, night or holiday and help to reduce the need for additional personnel to handle incoming calls.

Automated Attendant EAR-Elite


Automated attendant functions of our Ear Elite system allow our customers experience to be enhanced through customized routing tables, multi-lingual support, and access to speech driven directory information.